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Have a bunch of pictures you love and don't know what to do with them? upload them to a special folder just for this book and we will design an amazing portfolio of all of your artistic images to have and to hold in one special book. Everyone needs a nice hard cover photo book for their coffee table and you spend a lot of time taking cool pictures. So let us make you a book your coffee table will be proud to hold

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  1. Crystal Cover Wedding Album

    Crystal Cover Wedding Album

    Get the wedding album you have always dreamt of designed professionally and printed for you. We use only the best quality printer for this gorgeous genuine leather crystal cover photo album, with seamless lay-flat rigid thick pages and a custom design layout that will make you fall in love with your wedding day all over again.
  2. The Interactive Guest Book

    The Interactive Guest Book

    This book is a perfect way to use your engagement pictures or maybe all the pictures of you and your fiance from years together. With 30 lay-flat pages layed out beautifully in a 10x10 hardcover photo wrapped album, you will have the perfect keepsake, full of advice, humor, and memories from your closest companions. The best Part? Its all designed and printed FOR YOU by the creative digital artists at GingerSnapCrate.
  3. The Fancy Family Album

    The Fancy Family Album

    This book is the perfect way of showcasng the pictures from your most recent family photo shoot or special party. Printed similar to a our crystal cover wedding albums, This gorgeous 10x10 album has a crystal photo cover bound in black leather with 20 rigid thick and seamless lay-flat pages. The quality is amazing and you can choose to have a 12x12 option as well. This is a perfect way to showcase your professional family photos.
  4. The Best Day Ever Book

    The Best Day Ever Book

    This book is perfect to collect and preserve all the memories you have captured on a special trip to disneyland, birthdays, or just the fun of every day life. The template is fun and clean, and it will look amazing on any coffee table. Don't store these pictures away, Lets put them in fun photo books for you to share with your loved one for years to come.This book is professionally designed FOR YOU and is a 8x8 photo wrapped hard cover book with 20 lay-flat pages. A fun casual way to relive the memories with your loved ones for years to come. Purchase one for every year. Go on take lots of pictures because we can fit a lot of amazing pictures in this book.
  5. Grandparent Brag Book

    Grandparent Brag Book

    This book is a perfect way to use all those pictures you have stored on your phone and computer and give them to grandma and grandpa to brag about . After all being a grandparent is a very special thing. We will professionally design a 6x8 photo wrapped soft cover book and print it for you!! Making Grandma and Grandpa smile everyday just got a whole lot easier.
  6. Childrens Artwork Binder

    Childrens Artwork Binder

    At last, a way for you to keep all your children's artwork in one neat and tidy place for you and your children to have for years to come. This system is amazing. The digital artists at GingerSnapCrate will carefully select one of your favorite uploaded images and create an amazing cover for a custom printed 2 inch Avery 3-ring binder. It comes loaded with 20 clear plastic insert pages to store your artwork easily. The inside of both the cover and back has 2 pockets for extra storage. You will get obsessed with these because keeping your children's artwork in one place while preserving it forever just got a whole lot easier.
  7. Album and Prints

    Album and Prints

    Did you recently have a photo shoot? Want to print all your favorite images and have them all in one place to look at? . Simply upload your pictures and well do the rest. This package comes with a custom designed 9x11 photo book printed on high quality seamless lay flat pages, and bound in a photo wrapped hard cover. The layout is custom designed by our digital artists, and every image is hand selected by our professional team. This package also comes with a box of up to 25 4x6 printed images printed on high quality pro luster photo paper. Our digital artist team will go through your images, make sure the color and crop are perfect and design you the photo book you wish you had time to make.
  8. The Family Photo Book

    The Family Photo Book

    From family trips to parties to small get togethers, this book will help you remember it all. Dont forget any of the shenanigans, remembering all the family and travel fun just got a whole lot easier. This book can be ordered in multiple sizes from 8x8 to 9x11 all the way to 12x12. Its a elegant yet casual photo book with a photo wrapped hard cover and 20 lay-flat pages.. The best part? A professional digital artist will design it FOR YOU. Don't wait another year, get it made now.

8 Item(s)