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Frequently Asked Questions

Create an Account on by clicking this link

Once you have created an account you will have access to your account dashboard. Fill out all personal information needed to become a member. Choose the membership that best fits your needs. Add it to your cart and proceed with setting up your billing information. Once you complete the checkout process you are now a member at GingerSnapCrate and can return to your account dashboard, click on my images and start to upload your favorite images and link your online photo galleries.  If you have a folder with a bunch of images, you can compress the file and upload it in the zip folder area in your my images area of your account dashboard.  We take your personal information very seriously at Ginger Snap Crate, so we use to store your confidential billing information.  It may take a day for you to see the first chage to hit your credit card.  To update your billing or make any changes please email us at


Create a folder on your hard drive dedicated to your GingerSnapCrate account. You can choose to make folders to separate special events or pictures if you would like. Copy and paste your favorite images or drag your images into that folder on your hard drive. This will make accessing your files easy to find when uploading to your account on gingersnapcrate.

Once you click on the My Images tab in your account dashboard you will see where you can add an album. You can have as many albums as you would like. Once you have created your albums click on the album you want to upload to, then click select files and select the files you want to upload to that album from the file you created on your desktop. Once you have selected the files you want uploaded, you then need to click upload under each image to start the upload process.  After your files have uploaded, you can then add comments under the image to tell us any information you would like us to know about those images.  We suggest you use this area, to give us peoples names, or nicknames or let us know where you are in the image.

This is all easy from your mobile device as well.  Just make sure to click the sidebar button when viewing on your mobile device and proceed to the my images tab to upload your images from your phone, as well as link your social media profiles.

Create a folder in your dropbox account labeled Ginger Snap - Your Name . You can create sub folders if you would like to help organize your images. At the far right of your folder you will see a share button. click that button and dropbox will generate a link to your folder. Copy and paste that link into your account under the my images tab next to the dropbox icon.  IMPORTANT  do not copy and paste the URL from the top of your webpage.  Make sure to click the share button next to the folder you would like to share with us, and have dropbox generate a link for you to copy and paste into your account under my images in the account dashboard.   
Open your gallery from the link that your photographer gave you. Once in your gallery, copy and paste the url from the top of the web page into your account dashboard under the my images tab.
Copy and paste the URL of your PROFILE page into your account dashboard under “My Images” tab.  If your account is set to private, we will not be able to view your pictures.  Our digital artists will then request to follow or friend you from a special ginger snap digital artist page so we can then have access to your images.  
Go to and click the subscription that you want to purchase for someone add to cart. Make sure to add the name and email to the person you are purchasing it for before you add to your cart.   This is very important so we can send them their voucher code to use the gift when signing up for a membership.
Copy and Paste the URL of your Instagram home page or profile page into the instagram field in your account dashboard.
Go to, pick out the type of book that you would like us to make for you. Purchase the book. Go to your account dashboard and upload the images to a specific album for this book (for example: if you want us to make you a fancy photo book from a recent family photo shoot, create an album in your “my images” tab called family photo shoot. Upload all the images you would love to see in this book. Make sure to make any comments under the image if you want us to know something specific about and image. Once we have received your order and images we will get working on your amazing new photo book that will be custom designed, printed and sent to you in 4-6 weeks!! How exciting is that? Any questions email us at
Visit and enter your information. Upon approval you have the opportunity to receive benefits for your clients, get featured on our site, and get a lot of referral business. People are always looking for a good photographer and we want to help them find the best so they can get the most of out of their GingerSnapCrate membership.
Visit and enter your information. If we love what you do then you have the chance to be featured in our boxes. Get your products in the hands of people that don’t have the time to search for your products but will love and use them in their life forever. We want our members to have the most amazing photo products and we need your help in finding all the possibilities out there.
Join our social media challenges, like and follow and invite your family and friends to follow our social media pages and stay tuned for contests to win free months of the hottest subscription box on the planet.
Simply email and let us know if you want to upgrade or downgrade. One of our representatives will contact you directly to assist in changing the status of your membership
You cannot freeze your membership at GingerSnapCrate, so if you need to cancel it for a month or so make sure to email us at and submit a 30 day notice request. Upon confirmation from a gingersnap representative your request will be submitted to cancel your membership. Make sure you receive a confirmation email that your cancellation request has been received and you will be given a cancellation effective date. If you do not receive this email, make sure to contact us directly at 1-855-510-1818 to confirm receipt of your request. When you are ready to come back you can always re- join.
Email us at or write a letter and mail it to 9909 Topanga Canyon Blvd #236, Chatsworth CA 91311 with a 30 day notice of cancellation request to cancel your membership. You must receive confirmation via email in order for your cancellation to be in effect. If you do not receive an email confirming your cancellation request has been received and a date your cancellation is effective then you will want to re-email or call 1-855-510-1818 and speak to a GingerSnapCrate representative to confirm receipt of your 30 day notice of cancellation and obtain a cancellation effective date. If your normal billing cycle occurs during your 30 day cancellation period you will still be charged your regular subscription dues and a final GingerSnapCrate or GingerSnapBox will be sent to you. No refunds or returns on any items charged or sent during your 30-day cancellation period. For more information you can contact customer service or email us at
Its very important we have your most up to date credit card information so you don't have to worry about any interruptions on your membership. If you need to change the card number, expiration date or information please email us at or and let us know you need to update your billing for your membership. You can also call us at 1-855-510-1818. We are very serious about your personal information on our website so for your security we do not save or store your financial information whatsoever. Your reoccurring billing and credit card information is handled through our 3rd party secure service.